As A Working Mum Who Is Your Role Model

There are lots of famous working mothers worldwide but there is one person whom I look up to as my role model – the US First Lady, Michelle Obama. Why do I consider her as my inspiration? You see, Michelle Obama is the wife of the US president and she too has some duties to attend to. She has her own set of public dealings and engagements as she handles several organizations and non-profit organizations. In fact, she is directly involved in helping housewives, especially those who are married to military personnel. With all the things she does, I really admire the way she takes care of her family, particularly her daughters.

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The Morning School Struggle

When you decided to work for your family especially for the kids, the issue on how to meet their everyday needs for nurturing, attention and education becomes the usual question. In addition to this, giving quality time for them becomes more complicated. Due to your demanding work schedule, it is no wonder that your commitments for your family are usually sacrificed.

Morning school struggle is the most difficult times of the day for many working mums. It is because while preparing your kids for the school you also have to prepare yourself for your work. Besides, you need to accomplish your duties at home and with your kids as early as you can so you can proceed to your work on time. In short, you are always on the rush!

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Virtual Mastermind Group – An Honest Review

Many of us owe certain things to certain people.  In my case, it was stumbling upon Napoleon Hill at a crossroads in my life – in my late twenties.  His wisdom and council helped to put me on the right path.  Did I become rich?  No, but that is not what I was seeking in life at that time!  We all have different measures of success and I achieved mine by loving what I did and being really happy!  The money actually came later, not out of a conscious desire to have it, but because it just flowed from my actions in life, actions that I learnt from Hill.

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Forget the Gym – Save Money and Lose Pounds the Mummy Way

For some of us losing weight is something that is easy although many people find it difficult to do. It is no wonder why many of them invest their money to enrol on a weight loss program.

Usually when you are at the gym, you would have to spend up an hour doing biking exercise or an hour and ten minutes in lifting weights in order to sweat off. Or you can also do an hour of ballroom dancing or half an hour of football as an alternative.

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A Working Mum and Proud of It

Being a working mum is not an easy job in this world. There are some women who are good at it and there are some who simply do it because they have no choice. Some women choose a middle path while others do working in a more flexible way or through freelance.

Mums who have the choice whether to work or not to work must consider many things before they make the decision. Of course they need to be clear about their priorities – career or family. They must be aware that by taking the decision to work, they would probably miss out major milestones on their children’s lives.

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Fear Of Being Alone Review

I have to be honest here and tell you that I had never even heard of monophobia before and as for the fear of being alone, I thought that most people had fears like that at one time or another in their lives. It was not until I read an ebook on the subject that I began to realize that for many people, the fear of being alone is something very serious indeed.

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Are You under Pressure to Dress up at the School Gates?

Being a working mother is one of the current trends in the society today. It is no wonder that many of them find it difficult to balance their time between career and family. Even the celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney do.

Gwyneth Paltrow has two kids, Apple and Moses. According to her, being a working mother is not easy. Even though she is married to a multimillionaire rock star Chris Martin and has an Oscar awards to name her, her life is still full of dilemmas that every mother can relate to.

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