Confession of a BAD Working Mum

Where is the Tooth Fairy when you need her……..

I will not be winning any parent of the year awards. The Tooth Fairy is going to report me and there will forever be a black mark against my name. As a working mum I should be in the running but that has now been completely obliterated.

My son lost a tooth last week.  He was so excited that the tooth fairy was coming and she would leave him some money in return his front tooth that took ages to come out. He proudly left his tooth next to the bed and duly went off to sleep.  During the night (4:30am) jsut as the sun was about to rise he came into my room. I suddenly realised that I hadn’t told the toth fairy that she needed to pay a visit.  So I snuck out of bed, took the tooth and left him his reward.  Phew! Disaster averted!

One week later my daughter lost a tooth that had been giving her pain in the process of falling out and she had found it difficult to eat.  Finally the tooth fell out at school and she was so happy.  She carefully placed the tooth in a jewelry case (the tooth fairy much prefers that!) and left it beside her bed.  The next morning I was eating my breakfast and heard this horrible sound – it was my daughter.  She was distraught. Devastated. Inconsolable. The Tooth Fairy had somehow forgotten her!  How could that happen?  It was a personal blow.

I was speechless. How do you explain the Tooth Fairy not coming?

I had to tell her that perhaps the tooth fairy had just been very busy that night and she would probably come tonight.  It wasn’t working.  She had been forgotten and that was enough for her to feel that somehow she wasn’t special.

Eventually she went back to her room to get ready for school. Two minutes a later a very different girl came running to me. “Mum! I went back to my room and there was $5 on my pillow!” “Well there you go” I said feeling totally relieved.  But how?  And then it dawned on me.  The Tooth Fairy had appeared in the form of a beautiful 7 year old boy. Her brother.

I snuck upstairs and there was my amazing boy in his bed. I went up to him and quietly asked him if he had put the money on her pillow.  He nodded.  Then I noticed that there were tears in his eyes. He quietly whispered, “I felt so sorry for her that the Tooth Fairy had forgotten her so I gave her some of my money.” I wanted to cry. How incredible was this boy. I asked him if we could just keep it quiet for now so that his sister could go to school and feel that she hadn’t been forgotten.  Tonight I was sure that the tooth fairy was definitely going to come and she would get some money from the tooth and he would get his money back.  I told him that I was very proud of him and he was a wonderful brother to his sister.

He then went to his sister to explain to her that he had almost missed out the week before.  When he gotten up in the morning (at 4:30am) the tooth fairy had not yet been and because the sun was starting to rise he thought that she forgotten him.  When he then went back to his room at 6:30am the tooth was gone and he had been rewarded.  He said that the Tooth Fairy must have been very busy that night and was probably very busy last night. He was sure she would come tonight.


I still feel really bad about this. I was lucky enough that my son saved the day.  As a busy working Mum I often go to bed exhausted. And sadly sometimes I will forget the important things (important to my children). Perhaps if I still believed in the Tooth Fairy she may just have turned up last night!  Perhaps it pays to believe.

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