The Morning School Struggle

When you decided to work for your family especially for the kids, the issue on how to meet their everyday needs for nurturing, attention and education becomes the usual question. In addition to this, giving quality time for them becomes more complicated. Due to your demanding work schedule, it is no wonder that your commitments for your family are usually sacrificed.

Morning school struggle is the most difficult times of the day for many working mums. It is because while preparing your kids for the school you also have to prepare yourself for your work. Besides, you need to accomplish your duties at home and with your kids as early as you can so you can proceed to your work on time. In short, you are always on the rush!

"preparing kid for school"Most of the time, you find yourself shouting at them every single morning. No matter how calm you tell them and no matter how you try to start every morning off nice, you always end up screaming with your kids. To avoid this situation, you must learn how to employ the attitude of time management. By preparing your kids uniforms and school things such as backpacks, lunches, etc the night before, choices are avoided. Also, check the kids’ lists of items to bring in, so that morning is less of a scramble.

The decision of whether to work or not to work is one of the most important decisions most women ever face. Some of them have no choice; they are single mums and must work to raise their children. Other women do have a choice; they are married with stable income. I am proud to announce that I am also a full time working mum engage in internet marketing services. But unlike other full time working mums, I chose to work at home so I can provide all the needs of my kid at the same time. With the nature of my job, I can avoid morning rush and struggle.

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