Why People Fail – An Honest review

Turn Your Failures into Success – A Practical Guide

As a working mum, one of the things that I often find the hardest to achieve is time for myself. However I try to make a point of having some time out almost every day and I do this by reading books that are of personal interest to me. Often I will read for half an hour prior to going to sleep at night and more often than not I will read something to motivate, inspire and re-energise myself mentally. This helps to give my mind something to work on while my body is resting to help refocus myself for the next day.
Being a work-from-home mum I find this especially important because I am my sole motivator and my time is limited. Making the best use of my time every day is critical to be able to achieve my goals – especially the one to spend more quality time with my family. Working on my mindset is just as important as any other skill that I may need to improve or fine tune.
Recently I came across a book that grabbed my attention because of the title. The title was not the usual positive “How to succeed…”, ‘How to be Positive…”, 7 steps to a Greater You…’ etc etc. This one stood out because it said “Why People Fail”. The title is deliberate.
This book explores the 16 key ways in which people set themselves up for failure. It is written by Siimon Reynolds and is based upon his many years of studying all of the areas that he discusses. Often with examples of his own personal experience. They are so easy to relate to. And gives you great ideas for addressing these ‘failings’ without overwhelming you with a lot of mumbo-jumbo. This book provides an easy to understand, practical approach to working on the keys areas that might be holding you back from great success.
I would highly recommend this book – I regularly refer to it when I find that I am slipping off course or losing focus.

You can get your copy by clicking on the link below.

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