A Working Mum and Proud of It

Being a working mum is not an easy job in this world. There are some women who are good at it and there are some who simply do it because they have no choice. Some women choose a middle path while others do working in a more flexible way or through freelance.

Mums who have the choice whether to work or not to work must consider many things before they make the decision. Of course they need to be clear about their priorities – career or family. They must be aware that by taking the decision to work, they would probably miss out major milestones on their children’s lives.

There are some reasons why I chose to work at home.

1.      American researchers show that children whose mums work are six times more likely to be overweight. It is because a diet of fatty ready meals and snacks after school are eaten without proper supervision thus, causing them to pile on the pounds.

 "obese child"

2.      According to the Scientist, the effect of obesity is greatest among youngsters from age 11-12. Since they are left alone at home while their mums are working, they are the one who prepare their own dinner which is usually consist of high calorie ready-meal left out in the freezer.

3.      The study published in the journal Child Development shows that children who are unsupervised may also go to bed later and lack of sleep is also linked to higher risk of obesity. The average children whose mums worked tend to be one or two pounds heavier compare to those whose mums stayed at home like me.

Most probably the best thing for mums to do if they really want to work is to either get a job that has flexible hours or to work at home like me. Being a full time working mum is a very rewarding career for me. I am proud that it does not hamper on my responsibilities to my family especially to my son.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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