Secrets to a Healthy Marriage

"Secrets to a Healthy Marriage"For any married couple that has been together longer than a few years know it takes work to have a happy and healthy marriage. Even if you married your soul mate, there are still going to be times you wish you had never met them. All the cute idiosyncrasies that you once loved and thought were so cute and endearing, will begin to get on your every nerve. Some days you may even contemplate ending the marriage. However, with the help of a few secrets to keep your marriage healthy from others who have been there, you too can have a long happy marriage.

Never Go Away or to Bed Angry

This one you have probable heard before. The reason this is important to a healthy marriage is because you both are not leaving an issue to fester and blow up into a huge argument later. Always working out any issue before you go to sleep or storm out of the door in anger is very important, because it keeps the communication open and flowing. However, if an argument turns ugly and the actual issue is no longer being discussed, then stepping away for five minutes to take a breath and get a drink of water is acceptable.

Don’t Be Afraid of PDA

Public displays of affection (PDA) is one of the first this to go in a marriage. This can lead the other party to feel like you are ashamed to be in public with them. You do not have to have a full make out session in the movie theater or the park, but simply holding hands in unity for the world to see can say volumes to your partner.

Try to Never Call Your Spouse Anything You Would Not Call Your Child

One of the quickest ways to build resentment is with word daggers. During a heated argument, it may feel good in the moment to call your loved one a bad name or say how much they disgust you, but then everything calms down you both are going to be left with the hurtful words  still ringing your ears. There is nothing wrong with healthy arguments, but name calling and denigrating each other only makes matters worse. If you feel the urge to resort to this tactic in order to make a point in an argument, you can probably bet there is nothing of real substance to be fighting about in the first place. The best thing to do in that moment is step back and just have a good laugh at yourselves.

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