The Sad Reality Of A Working Mum

Being a working mum can be a challenge. You miss your kids and you worry constantly that whoever is caring for them will do as good of a job as you would. This is so common today though, it is a reality for many women. It can be very difficult to make ends meet on one salary alone.

The cost of everything has gone up and continues to rise. Being a working mum is nothing to be ashamed of though. I know many women who felt shame for leaving their kids with anyone else. But if it must be done it must be done. You should be proud to provide a better future for your kids.

If you weren’t working, would you be able to afford all your bills? Or maybe you could pay your bills but would have nothing left to live life a little. Nothing is wrong with contributing to the financial stability for your family. Of course you should do all the screening you need to make sure you feel comfortable with the person caring for your children, but then you’ll need to let go. Let go of that feeling of dread, and focus on your work and career when you are there.

"sad reality of a working mum"

Not only is it becoming more and more acceptable, but it’s nearly expected. Some people even think the woman “should” be contributing to the family finances. Times are changing. It’s becoming so common for a house hold to have two bread makers. It’s just the way it is. It’s only going to be more difficult for you if you don’t accept that this is how we all make ends meet these days.

Some of you, however, may be single mothers. Then, you really have no choice but to work. Sure, there’s some who chose to live off of welfare, but do you really want to be one of those people? No one takes kindly to a freeloader. The kids will be fine with the right person, and you can go out and work and contribute to society.

This is the norm. If you struggle with this emotionally, there are support groups and social avenues, where women who are going through the same thing reach out and support each other. But this is just what it means to be a working mum these days. Be proud and do your best, it’s all you can do.

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