My Best Kite – An Honest Review

I remember going out with my dad on a Sunday afternoon and the fun we used to have flying our kite. It was only a small plastic kite but I absolutely used to love it and I have often thought about buying one of these larger kites and showing my husband and son just what they have been missing.

I have done a little surfing on the internet and was surprised how expensive some of these kites are, especially the ones I had in mind so you can imagine how interested I was when I came across an ebook which shows you how to make your own kite, and I am not talking about one of these basic ones but a kite that you will be able to do all sorts of tricks with and that will last a long time, not falling apart after a crash landing, which if my kite flying skills are anything to go by, will be a regular occurrence.

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Anyway, the ebook in question is and has been put together by someone called Tim Parish who is something of a kite building and kite flying expert. He spent a considerable amount of time choosing eight kite designs which have various criteria to meet. They had to be made from materials that are readily available and not expensive and the tools that are required to build the kites had to be the kind that you will probably already have i.e., no need to go to the expense of getting hold of specialist tool or hard to find materials.

The eight kites that Tim decided upon are stunning in their design and flying capabilities and the instructions to build them are clearly laid out so that people of all ages can get involved. It is just a case of following the step by step instructions and there are photographs of the finished kites in flight so that you know what you are working towards and to keep you motivated but once you get started in the building process it is so much fun that very little motivation is needed.

According to Tim, the ebook really is perfect for teaching people to make flights in a group situation. The designs in the ebook can be easily printed out and given to the people who are making the different kites. When the kites have been built the whole group can go out flying and I really can’t think of anything better. There is a section in the ebook which shows you how to tie all of the different knots that are required for the construction of the kite and they really are easy to copy, believe me, if I can tie these knots absolutely anyone can.

"My Best Kite"

(If you would like to find out more about my best kite please click here) really is a very impressive resource and one thing that hit me straight away after reading the ebook was how profitable it could be if you started building your own kites to sell. I know that could be described as a little off topic here but the finished kites are absolutely stunning and as I’ve already mentioned, I took a look around the internet to see what was available and how much money they were going for and to be honest, I didn’t see any kites that even compared to the ones you can build from the advice given in

Tim has left no stone unturned in his detailed instructions and when you consider that the price of is only $17 and then compare that price to the cost of a new kite, you really can see that you are getting tremendous value for money.

To find out more about my best kite please click here.

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