Getting your child into a happy routine

Children are no different from adults in that they would much rather prefer routine in their lives. They don’t like uncertainty and if you can establish a happy routine you will find that you have a happy child.

As an example, most children don’t like going to bed but if you can establish a set bed time you will find that your children will actually start to enjoy knowing that they must go to bed at a certain time and the result of this will be that they will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. The same thing applies to meal times, if children are just left to help themselves and eat their meals in front of the television then you really are heading for trouble. Make sure that meal times are away from the television and eating sat around the dining table is another routine that once established will always go on to pay dividends.

Getting your child into a happy routine doesn’t have to be rigidly set in stone. It is just that a routine can be so beneficial to the whole family, not just the children, and another plus point is that you will find that so much achieved. Another plus point of getting your child into a happy routine is that you will usually find that children who have a happy routine are much better behaved. It is as if there lives are crying out for some kind of structure and the way that hey respond to this only goes to confirm how true it is.

"getting your child into a happy routine"

Many parents make the mistake that they think they should let the children stay up late or eat when they want because it makes life easier for them, less tantrums and less tears mean that the parents don’t feel so stressed out, but little do they know that a few days maximum, of setting a bedtime and eating meals away from the television will end up causing much less stress than by simply letting the children have their own way, it is the same as with anything, it may be a little tough at first but you will reap the benefits time and time again over the months and years ahead.

So, if you have not done it already, bite the bullet and set up a happy routine for your children, it will be the best thing that you ever did!

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