Build Your Own Electric Guitar Review

You don’t need to tell me how expensive electric guitars are, I was looking to buy one as a gift for a family member only last month and I just could not believe how expensive they are. I went to a specialist electric guitar shop and was expecting to pay a couple of hundred dollars so imagine my surprise when I was quoted over $1000, and that was just for a basic electric guitar, the more advanced ones were much more expensive than that.

I was mentioning this to a friend of mine when she told me of a new ebook that she had recently read that actually showed you how to build an electric guitar from scratch and what’s more, the standard of the finished product was something that you could not really tell apart from one of these expensive guitars that you can get.

Well, it was to late for me as I had already bitten the bullet and bought a guitar but I decided to investigate further to see what this ebook was all about and if it was something that anyone could follow and be able to build an electric guitar to a high standard.

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To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much, how could someone with no experience of building an electric guitar be able to put one together in such a way that it would be comparable to one that has cost an awful lot of money.

Well, it would seem that I had nothing to worry about because it really is true. This ebook that everyone is talking about really does do what it says, and unlike many of these other sales letters that you see knocking about, there is no exaggeration involved at all.

The ebook is written by a highly accomplished musician by the name of  Joel Hancock but whilst Joel is regarded as highly talented with the electric guitar he didn’t have much experience of building electric guitars.

"build your own electric guitar"He owns a guitar shop and he was constantly seeing people having to walk away without buying a guitar due to the fact that they just couldn’t afford it. He knew that it was possible to build an electric guitar, without any previous experience and to a very high standard, to he set about doing precisely that. He made notes whilst he was doing this and after building a high quality electric guitar he has turned those notes into an ebook that is nothing short of brilliant.

The ebook, which can be found at really does give a step by step guide on how to build an electric guitar and absolutely nothing has been left out, so the reader will be able to just get stuck in without having to worry about anything else.

Before you start, everything is listed with regards to which tools will be needed and also which materials, not only that, Joel also goes to great lengths to tell you where the best places are to get hold of the materials.

The ebook is priced at an unbelievably low $19.95 and to be honest, I really can’t believe that Joel is pricing it that low because I can tell you now that the amount of money that you can save will run into the hundreds of dollars, if not much more.

Joel really has excelled with this ebook and you can tell that his number one priority is for people to be able to play an electric guitar and to say proudly that they built it themselves. Even though I am not a musician myself I can fully realise what a fantastic achievement that must be.

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