5 ways for working moms to earn extra money

I would say that more or less every working mom that I know is looking for ways to make some extra money but where do they start. Are there any methods out there that are legitimate and really do make money instead all of the methods that promise the earth but deliver absolutely nothing.

I have managed to short-list 5 methods to earn extra money that are legitimate and not simply pie in the sky and these are listed below.



Starting an Avon business is simply a matter of contacting Avon or one of its representatives and asking them to give you information about starting an Avon business. They offer full training and all of the promotional material that you may need. If you are a sociable kind of person who enjoys meeting people then this will probably be right up your street but you must remember that you have to give it a good go. As with any business, you only get out of it what you put in.


Many people get completely the wrong idea when I mention writing to earn an extra income. They think that they have to have all sorts of skill and to be highly educated but nothing could really be further from the truth. Many websites are crying out for simple content and you can earn a decent amount of money by writing it for them. Simply contact websites directly or look on websites like scriptlance.com where you will see hundreds of people who require work written for them.


Everyone’s heard of Ebay and most people believe that it is only good for selling the junk out of your attic. That is not the case and it is possible to make a great deal of money through Ebay by buying stock to sell. If you are prepared to put in a little research for items that are in demand you could well find that you have a solid business on your hands.


This is a brilliant way to earn not just a little extra money but a solid income. By starting up a blog which is very easy and free to do you could very well find yourself in a position where you are making money around the clock. If you are serious about making money then blogging is something that you should definitely consider.

Internet Marketing

Blogging could come under this method but there really are a wealth of opportunities out there to make money from the internet. These opportunities range from affiliate programs to ebooks and is an area that is definitely worth investigating further.

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