Working Is Good For Mums And Kids

What is the most common perspective out there about women who work? Ranging from people who are completely conservative to the people who consider themselves liberal, it is still maintained that when a woman decides to start a family, she should quit all other things that might distract her from this huge responsibility. You might be on the board with this, or you might be on the other side. Let us explore more on this topic.

So, why do people say that mums should not work because of their kids? Obviously, because they are of the opinion that since they’ll be working so much, they will not be able to be there for their children in any capacity except maybe financially; that they would be so lost in their work and in climbing the ladder of success that they would neglect their children. Now, everyone cannot be negated from this criterion, because everyone is their own person but to create a generalized idea, that is not true. For a woman, being a mother is the most important thing in her life regardless of the fact that she is working; she would never wilfully neglect her child.

Some women don’t even want to work, but they do it so that they can send their children to the best pre-schools, schools, high school, and eventually save up for their college fund. The world we are living in these days is not easy on people living in a financial bind. It has become almost essential for both the parents to be working.

Now, to face the concerns of people stating that working mums are bad mums, it has been researched thoroughly that mums who work are in no way a cause of detriment to the health and well-being of their children. There is no social or emotional harm involved. Actually, it has been said that young girls benefit from seeing their mothers working and posing a strong independent persona. Obviously, the most ideal thing would be that both the parents spend all their time with their children but let’s face it. It’s bound to drive someone crazy; either the parents or the children. Space is integral to every relationship, even the sacred mother and child bond like they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

"working is good for mums and kids"

Mothers who spend every waking hour with their children are more prone to snapping at them about every little thing as compared to the working women who cherish every moment they spend with their child.

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