When you return to work after having a baby

For most women, returning to work after they have had a baby is something that they absolutely dread and it is very easy to see why. Over the previous few months they have been bonding with their baby and are probably only just starting to settle into a routine and really stating to enjoy things.

When they go back to work it is as if their whole world has been turned upside down and it is as if they never even gave birth in the first place. Now that negative scenario is out of the way lets look at how you can make returning to work as good an experience as you could possibly make it.

"after having a baby"

Firstly, don’t rush back if you can possibly help it. I realise that there will be demands from work and you probably need the money but if you do rush back you will more than likely not be ready and this could have implications on your health.

You should make sure that you are happy with your child care arrangements whilst you are at work. You do not need to be worrying that the care you have in place is doing its job properly. If the care is in the form of a family member then that is all the better, but if you are paying someone to look after your child make sure that you have carried out the adequate research so that your mind will be at ease.

If you start to feel a little tearful on your return to work don’t start to think that there is something wrong with you, it is perfectly normal to feel a little emotional but if it goes on for a while make an appointment to see your doctor to check things out. You have to remember that you have been through a life changing experience and you are not a machine, you are a human being who has feeling and emotions.

Lastly you should remember that life is not all about work. Make sure that you set aside plenty of quality time to spend with your new family, this really is a very special time and you don’t want it all to be totally dominated by work. You want to look back at this time with lovely memories and if you plan your working time properly it will be your new baby that your memories are made of.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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