Weird Ways to Save Money

"Weird Ways to Save Money"You always hear of the conventional ways to save money, but what about the unconventional ways? I mean we all know we will save money if we stay in our houses and do not leave, but we want to live, right? I was thinking of some unconventional ways to save money, so we can enjoy our budget a little more and stop stressing about money.

Save all your change. I remember a while ago we had a babysitter come over and she found almost 7 dollars of change lying around. How awesome was that?  I think that’s a great way to save money because you do not really miss it. Also, our bank allows us to switch over money at the end of the day into our savings. For example, if we spend $4.05 cents at the supermarket, then at the end of the day that change is transferred to our savings. Pretty neat!

Are you ready for this next one? If you own a cat, then you should consider potty training him or her. It sounds a little nutty, but why not go for it? Think of how much money you will save and how much of the environment you can save as well!  Another weird option is to get people to sponsor your activities. If you are going to be around a lot of people, then consider getting a sponsor for your event. It means cheap advertising for them and free money for you! Make sure it’s nothing offensive though and that it’s something that will lighten the mood at your event.

Load up on those college courses. The longer you are in college, then the more money you are going to spend. Of course, you will want to make sure you are serious about going to school because you do not want to waste your own time and money during this process.  The next idea is to go all energy efficient crazy. You would not believe how many energy efficient products there are out there and it will make you happy to know you are saving money along the way!

Do you have any crazy ideas for saving money? I would love to hear them. Saving money is not about being a cheap-skate, but instead you are freeing up some cash, so you can do things that actually matter to you and your family members.

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