TV Stole My Children

In this day and age where technology rules industry, it is common for households to have plenty of electronic devices to keep them busy. While many machines help to improve our way of life, there are several contraptions that are used for entertainment purposes.

Washing machines and dishwashers help to wash our clothes and eating utensils in an efficient manner. Microwaves and stoves help us to prepare, cook, and heat foods.

For many families, though, the television can be a burden. While it is a major source for news it is an even bigger source of entertainment. There are so many different channels to choose from that it could take a person several minutes just to find something to watch! Over the course of a day, simply hunting for programming could quickly add up to hours!

Of course, this can be a great concern for parents who are worried their children may not be getting enough exercise or other stimulation. Even educational and informative programming can be unhealthy when children simply sit in front of the television all day and do not get out into the world to socialize and play.

This becomes increasingly problematic when you consider that video games are also becoming more and more common in homes all over the world. With three major brands competing for the market gaming systems and the software they play are better than ever before.

"children and video games"

For families that want to avoid falling into the rut of turning on the boob tube as background noise in the home, there are many things you can do. First of all, there are certain times of the day when local channels broadcast the news.

You can make a rule that the television stays off until the news is on, which is when you and your family can get information about what’s going on in the world. This also gives students enough time to complete homework or address other concerns.

Secondly, most cable and satellite television providers supply digital video recorders with their subscriptions these days. This means that you can program it to record your favorite shows and treat yourself after a hard day or week. Again, this helps fight the urge to plop down on the couch every day and motivates you to get more things done around the house.

Finally, you can try to replace the background noise with music. Music can help you get housework done and it helps to elevate mood.

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