The Secret Way For Mums Top Keep Fit

Bearing a child also bears many burdens. While the greatest blessing in your life will bring you much joy it will also bring you months of discomfort, pain, emotional ups and downs, and a few extra pounds.

As your newborn grows into a toddler and older you will, undoubtedly, be looking for ways that you can fit a workout or two into your busy schedule to try to not only return to the weight you were before carrying the bundle of joy, but to get into shape just to have enough energy to get everything done.

Trying to establish a regular workout schedule when you have a kid (or more than one!) can be very difficult. However, if it is important to you then you will just have to figure it out, the same way that other women do.

First of all, you can try to schedule your workouts into your week. If you take your child to daycare you may be able to squeeze in an hour every day or, at least, a couple of times a week before picking them up. You don’t have to go the gym to get this workout in. You could simply go for a run or just do some Pilates or cardio at home.

Secondly, you can work out with your baby. While you certainly don’t want to think of them as “weight,” their small frame and moderate mass can act as such and you can do a couple of reps when you lift and carry them. Sure, you probably can’t get in a “traditional work out” this way, but it could be enough to get the blood flowing.

"working out at home"

You might also think of playing a version of peek-a-boo during an abdominal work out. Simply place your baby between your knees when you do sit-ups! Also, think about getting a street buggy and take your baby with you when you go for a run!

Finally, make arrangements with another parent for a “play-date.” The children can play together and you can work out together. Most people would prefer to exercise with people they know because it is more comfortable than with strangers at the gym, but also it is more motivating than trying to do it on your own.

Of course, you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your child is safely playing nearby or in another room. Also, your baby will have the chance to socialize with other children, which is important for their development.

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