The School Playground For The Mums

You may think that when you leave school those days of play ground traumas are over for good, well they probably are, that is until your children start primary school and then you will find yourself thrust back into the world of back biting, cruel comments and gangs, only this time it is the parents who wait outside of the school for their children who are the culprits, not the children themselves.

What usually happens is that some of the mothers have become friendly over the nursery school years and have formed gangs, by want of a better name. For the newcomer, waiting outside of the school gates really can become something of a traumatic experience as any attempt to break into these groups of mothers are usually met with a look that simply says ‘Don’t you dare!’ These mums are more commonly known as mumzilla’s and I couldn’t really think of a more appropriate name.


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It is more often than not the case that these mums have become professional mums in that they have channelled all of the energy that they previously used when working in a job to the raising of their children and just as in a job where groups of people form into something like a gang, the same applies here.

What they fail to understand is that for many mums, the mere thought of being involved in their little gangs fills them with dread, it is the last thing that they would want to do and what usually happens is that the mums on the ‘outside’ become friends and to be honest, these are the people that I would much rather be with.

It is usually the younger mums who do everything that they possibly can to infiltrate the mumzilla’s but they are more often than not met with derision and ridicule, that is unless they have something to bring to the table such as a wealthy husband or if they themselves are a z list celebrity.

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that it is all slightly pathetic and you would think that these playground mums would know better but it wouldn’t surprise me if this kind of thing hasn’t been going on for years and it will probably continue for years to come.

The thing is, it is estimated that an average mother will make around 11 new friends at the school gates, if that is true I would hope that none of these friends are of the mumzilla variety!

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