The Emerging New Science Review

I am embarrassed to say that when it comes to science I am not exactly top of the class. In fact I would go as far as to say that the mere mention of Physics and Chemistry just about send me to sleep, so when I was asked to take a look at an ebook called The Emerging New Science I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy.

The funny thing was though, I had heard so much about this ebook from people who I would never have thought were interested in any kind of science, and they all said that it was absolutely brilliant.

Having now read The Emerging New Science I can now understand why the feedback is so good. It is so different from any other science book that I have ever seen, admittedly, I haven’t seen many but this one is right up my street because it talks about what is known as The New Science and this is about as different as you can get from the science that I remember from school and college.

I would have to say that I found the contents of this ebook slightly shocking but in a good way. This is because it basically challenged the way most people have thought throughout their lives, from when they were small children up until now.

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Apparently, people like Dr Huntley were often ridiculed because of the way they interoperated scientific facts, but all of  that is changing and this New Science is not only becoming more and more accepted but it is being proven that it is actually correct.

There is no getting away from the fact that it is a very complex subject, as is any science, but Dr Huntley seems to have a gift which enables him to be able to describe things in a  way that absolutely anyone, including me, can understand. I am quite sure that if this ebook had been written by anyone else I would have given up after only a few pages instead of literally not being able to stop until I had completely finished the ebook.

"The Emerging New Science"

One thing that ebooks on this kind of subject usually have in common is that they are very expensive so imagine my surprise when I discovered that The Emerging New Science was priced at only $27. Putting my internet marketing hat on for a minute, I would have to say That Dr Huntley could have charged at least three times more for this ebook, but I suppose that must go down as good news for people who are able to get it at such a bargain price.

Even if you think that this kind of thing does not really interest you, I would urge you to take a look at Dr Huntley’s website which can be found at, I can absolutely guarantee that once you start reading you will start to get a strange feeling that this information really is very special indeed.

I believe in Karma myself and Dr Huntley explains why this is also part of the New Science and the way that he describes it makes me look at even that subject, which I am very familiar with, in a completely different way.

The ebook actually consists of 143 pages, and it is plainly obvious that a great deal of time and energy has gone into it. I may be wrong but I firmly believe that this will go down as an all time classic on the subject of the New Science and if it does it will be completely deserved, well done Dr Huntley!

If you would like to find out more about The Emerging New Science please click here.

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