The Dreaded Parents Evening

Okay, I know it’s critical for us to keep up with what our kids are doing in school. There’s nothing more important to me than checking on their behavior and what they are doing….good and bad….how they are treating other children. But it can be so dreadful!

I get a little stressed out before hand, I’m always worried that I’m going to get a horrible review of what my children are doing. Not to mention, with three little ones in school, it takes three times as long for me to get through the night!

Each teacher is different too. Just when I think I’ve figured them out, they change each time we have one of these evenings! I suppose they probably are impacted by the children too over time, so that may actually change their personality throughout the year, pretty crazy!

Anyways, one of the teachers is seems like she’s scared to dish out the truth. Which I suppose it can be hard to face some parents. I have seen some parents get really upset at parents evening. Yelling at the teacher, telling them to do their job, etc… It’s probably pretty rough for a teacher on parent’s night! Though, it’s no picnic for us as parents either!

I just hate the bad news. You know its coming. You know your kids no angel or at least realistically you can’t expect them to be perfect. There are always a couple things they need to work on. Once I did get a really bad report on my child. Of course, I am pretty realistic, and I know my kid.

He had been disruptive frequently, likes to pester the other little girls in class. I was livid with my son by the time I got home. Though I was prepared for such a report, he’d been going through a patch of horrible behavior at home. Still, it’s never nice to hear a teacher complain about your kid.

"frustrated mom"

While I was frustrated with my son, I still just felt like a failure! I feel like the teacher is blaming me for their behavior. I suppose most people might blame the parents, that I can’t get my son to behave, that I don’t teach him manners and respect.

And really, no matter what rationality I have in my head, that I know I’ve raised him to be better than this, I still dread those comments from the teacher and just feel like it’s all my fault. That’s why I hate parents evening!

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