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C is for Continuing Your Workload Even When You’re Sick

"C is for Continuing Your Workload Even When You’re Sick"Work at home mothers all know the privilege of being able to be at home at watch their children grow up, while still being able to earn a paycheck. You are there to see your child take his or her first steps, hear the first word, and develop a close bond with your baby. You can plan your work life around your family instead of the other way round. Being a work at home mom absolutely has its advantages. On the other hand, there is one big disadvantage to the dream and that is what happens when you’re sick. You are responsible for your assignments and job duties alone. There are no other employees to turn to, as you are at home and in essence, your boss. Below are some helpful tips to follow in the event you ever become ill.

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Posted by Admin - June 13, 2012 at 8:35 am

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