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An Honest Review – BeAble.Name – Helping Your Children Strive With Their Learning

When you’re a working mum there are always so many things to think about and many of those things seem to involve the children. It can be easy to lose touch with the basics and some sound advice in this area would be welcomed by so many mums, including myself.

Imagine how pleased I was when I a friend recommended that I take a look at a website which has been put together by a lady called Lorraine Capon. Lorraine is an experienced teacher and working mother who has put together a series of books in the Be Able range which are about as down to earth as you could possibly get. The books range from how to become a tutor all the way to poetry that is written in a way that gets the point across to children on some often tricky subjects.

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Posted by Admin - May 10, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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