Protecting Your Children through the Recession

When the global recession hit us, I never let my son feel its effect, although I told him that we should be wiser with our spending. There was financial stress but I did not tell him how his dad and I go through everything because I don’t want to scare him or let him feel the pressure. Besides, he is just a kid and so there is no point of telling him all these financial troubles happening worldwide.

As much as possible, I want him to live to the kind of lifestyle that he is accustomed to, but I make it a point to inform him that we should prioritize the things that we need to buy or splurge on. Say, if he wants a new toy, I ask him why he wants it. You see, some children ask for a lot of things just because they want to – there is no logical reason. So, if he wants it because it will enhance his reading or mathematical skills then I buy it for him. There are times that he wants several things at a time, so I told him to just choose the one that he really needed or wanted. In this approach, I am teaching him how to become financially responsible, and I love it.


Another way to protect him against the harsh effects of recession is to remind him the value of recycling things and how to live green. My son and I sort out our empty trash so we can find the things that can be reused like the tins and empty plastic containers. We use it as pots for our mini vegetable garden. We do it every weekend. It is like one of our bonding moments.

My husband and I also make it a point, not discuss or talk any money matters in front of or son. We believe that he does not need to hear those things because it might cause a negative impact on him. He is still a child so he should not worry about recession and its impact – not just yet.

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