Problems Faced By Working Mum Who Are Working From Home

A number of mums who are working have risen quite a bit in the past few years. One might wonder why that is, the reason mostly is because of the economic status of the world, it is just not possible for one parent to handle all the financial responsibilities these days. It is just this one big debate, whether mums should work or not, should it be part-time or full time, should it be from home or an office job.

Let’s discuss one area of interest, i.e. working from home because it seems like a very appealing idea, and it also soothes those wagging tongues who are judging the working mothers. From what research tells us, working from home actually is more difficulty than it is worth. The key to running a successful household while working is to keep your two lives totally separate. Leave the office work in the office and do not bring your stress home with you. That is where it all goes wrong with the mums who work from home. They think that it will be a solution to all the troubles, handling work, and having children in your sight. Not to burst the perfect bubble, but it is nowhere near that actually. What happens here is that, the strain of meeting deadlines and handling the work-related stress has a negative effect on their domestic life and vice versa.

It has been a constant struggle for a mother to work in a flexible manner and not let either life get in the way of the other but sadly that is not how it works. What actually happens is that these mothers only get a fraction of their work done and end up exhausted and tired to boot. Mums cannot be blamed for having this dream of utopia of having the perfect balance between their home life and their work life.

"working from home"

What actually might be a good idea is for mothers who have the children of the school going age to work from home, but not mums who have little toddlers running around begging for attention and constant supervision. Since the children would be gone in the morning hours, the mum will be able to get most of her work done till they come back and after that, give time to her home and her precious children. All mums who work still get a standing ovation because it is no silly feat taking care of your children physically, emotionally, socially and financially.

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