Problems And Responsibilities Of Single Mums

Being a single mother and working are the two most difficult things you can put together, and they are two things that you cannot take apart. In a marriage, there are two people taking care of a child’s physical and emotional well-being but in the land of single mothers, it all falls on her to provide for her child financially and to cater every emotional need because there is no one for her to fall on. The term ‘super mom’ is coined for mothers who handle every aspect of their child’s life, managing the household while also having a job that pays well. So, staying in the bounds of those constructs, every single mom is a super mom.

Work and Problems:

The thing is that a mum who is raising a child alone feels like she has to overcompensate for the absence of one parent. There is this element of guilt for not being there for the child every moment of the day, but knowing that there is nothing you can do about it. Problems that are faced these days with the women who work and have no one close by to take care of their child while they are gone are the difficulties of finding someone trustworthy or a good child care. However, the price tag on both these options seems to be getting steeper and steeper as the days go by. At first, it was women moving to high profile cities to further their careers and now its women moving out of high profile cities back to their home towns to be closer to their parents who could support them by babysitting while the mums work.

How can anyone still judge them for working and ignoring responsibility, while they don’t criticize women who choose not to have kids because of their careers? Kids who see their mums working so hard just to provide the basic necessities for them gain an element of responsibility sooner than children with mums who do not work.

"problems and responsibilities of single mums"

Nurturing a child is a mother’s responsibility but how she does it is her choice and her choice only, is it by showing the child how to toughen up and survive the world or to stay at home and teach them such things vocally. In the end, it should be said that being a mother alone and raising a child is an enormous feat in itself but to do that while working is wholly admirable in a new light.

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