O is for Opportunity

"O is for Opportunity"If you are a beginner in the work at home field, there are plenty of opportunities for moms. You can start your own business, become a freelance writer, data entry work, customer service work, virtual assistance positions, sales, and much more. Being a work at home mommy does not consist of stuffing envelopes or paying someone to get to make earrings or doll hair anymore. They work industry has changed and more and more businesses are looking to fill their needs with personal outside of the office.  This has opened a whole new world of opportunity for many moms to feel like they can have it all; the time with their family and a successful career. Below are some of the opportunities available to you.

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Secrets to a Healthy Marriage

"Secrets to a Healthy Marriage"For any married couple that has been together longer than a few years know it takes work to have a happy and healthy marriage. Even if you married your soul mate, there are still going to be times you wish you had never met them. All the cute idiosyncrasies that you once loved and thought were so cute and endearing, will begin to get on your every nerve. Some days you may even contemplate ending the marriage. However, with the help of a few secrets to keep your marriage healthy from others who have been there, you too can have a long happy marriage.

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The Best Work at Home Tips

"The Best Work at Home Tips"Okay, so you have made the plunge and you are working at home finally. So where do you go from here? I wanted to go through some of the best tips for working at home and getting your life on track, while your office is sitting in your home.

Schedule: One of my best tips is trying to get into some sort of schedule. You do not have to have a perfect schedule and not even one that you do every day, but you should at least be consistent with everything you do each day.  If you have kids, then they need some type of consistency. Making sure they eat around the same time and take a nap at the same time each day will really help everyone stay calm throughout the day. Kids love knowing what they are doing next.

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N is for Never Settling for Less Than Your Best

"N is for Never Settling for Less Than Your Best"You may be exhausted from a busy schedule so far. Now it is late in the week and you are thinking about shortcuts or slacking a little. This is never a good idea for work at home mothers. You are setting an example for your kids and never settling for less than your best even when it is hard, is a great example to set. Plus, if you always give it your all, you never have to feel regret if a projects does not turn out as if you hoped. It is always best to stop and take a break than continue and look for ways to work subpar. You will feel better about your work and it will show. The following tips will help you always do your best.

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Confessions of a Work at Home Mum

"Confessions of a Work at Home Mum"When I think about this blog, I think about all of the neat material we come across and share with the readers. I personally love this blog and I’m so glad to be a part of it. It’s so encouraging to look around and see your blogs as well. I just really wanted to take a moment and think about why I started this blog and why we are all working at home. Whether you are new to working at home or you have been doing it for a long time, I do think it takes a strong person to travel this road.

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M is for Munching on Healthy Foods While Working

"M is for Munching on Healthy Foods While Working"Sometimes as a work at home professional, you may tent to put your dietary needs to the side. You are more focused on your family’s and your client’s needs instead. Therefore, you probably do not give your snack choices much thought. This can be disastrous to your waistline and your health. Chips, sugary sodas, candy, leftover pizza, and other high fat, carbs, and sodium may taste great in the middle of a stressful day, but they are contributing to you fatigue. After all, the word fat is in fatigue for a reason. However, munching on healthy foods while working is a great way to combat that exhausted feeling at about noon. Below are some of the best healthy snack foods you can eat while working.

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Surviving the Summer with Kids

"Surviving the Summer with Kids"Summertime means that most kids are home from school and mums get to spend a lot of time with their kids. This may mean that you have to readjust your schedule to accommodate your kids because they do not want to watch your computer screen for hours to come.  How can you stay happy and make them happy as well?

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