Why I love the idea of the 1950’s mum

Even though I live in a very modern world, I have always had old fashioned beliefs and I have been fascinated by the 1950’s and their way of life. The 1950’s was full of positive thoughts after getting over the affects of the second world war.

Most importantly women had been given the opportunity to be allowed to work and look after their children at the same time. There was no longer this question over their ability to be able to pull off both tasks on a daily basis. The ladies of the 40’s and 50’s changed it for us so that we would be given the chance to have our cake and eat it.

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Welcome to confessions of a working mum

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog confessions of a working mum. This is where I talk about everything to do with being a happy working mum and juggling it with my full time job as an internet marketer.

I have been happily married for the past seven years and also have a beautiful eight year old son who is my little darling. I live in the beautiful region of the Algarve in southern Portugal and spend my days on the beach playing football with my son and watching the world go by.

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