Mummy And Daddy Time – Date Days

Me and my husband live and work together and compared to many people cope with it very well. We have never really been the arguing type which is fantastic considering that we have been together for nearly 11 years now. So if we ever do argue which is probably once every six months our nine year old son will be rather alarmed!!!

One of our main secrets of having a happy family unit is that we respect each other and don’t take each other for granted, which is very important. Many parents epecially those with children under the age of 12 will probably go out just once every three months as other things take priority. We are actually among these stastics because we very rarely go out on an evening without our son. Mainly because I don’t trust just anyone to look after my son and secondly because he is at an age now, where you can easily take him out with you for dinner without any major problems.

So what we do instead is have date days!!!

Yes these are very much how they sound and instead of going out on an evening we go out during the day. We usually do it on a Tuesday as this is our son’s long day at school (9am-6pm) so we don’t have to worry about rushing home. We will have a nice dinner, go to the cinema, do some shopping and basically just enjoy each others company. We live in the Algarve in Portugal where the locals love having long lunches so we don’t feel alone in our date day.

"mommy and daddy date time"

If we want to have happy children, we need to be happy parents and by doing this we have the best of both worlds. As I am self employed and work from home I can choose my hours so this suits us down to the ground.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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