Madeleine McCann Search – Fresh Out Of Sympathy

I remember like many other people the night when Madeleine McCann disappeared from her families apartment in the sunny Algarve in may 2007. As a parent myself I felt absolutely heartbroken for them and felt there couldn’t be anything else worse that could happen to you on holiday.

It soon became media crazy and we soon were treated to all the facts (and some nasty none truths along the way). This was at the point when I turned and I was no longer full of sympathy due to the behaviour of the parents Kate & Gerry McCann. Even when I digged really deep I really struggled to take their side and felt like what they had done was totally out of order and still do.

They decided to put their social life first and made the sacrifice of being a parent for a bottle of wine and some tapas. I still can’t understand to this day why exactly that they did this because of their background.


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All their children was conceieved through the use of IVF because they couldn’t have children naturally. So they had desperately wanted to be parents and had sacrificed so much more to have children. Normally when you have struggled so greatly to have kids of your own you would have a stronger bond and not just that but never leave your children alone. Those with problems tend to be a lot more protective and never let their children out of their sight.

On the other side of things they are also older parents so have had chance to have fun with friends and now are at the point to settle down and have kids.

They are also educated to a fine standard and as Doctors should know better!!!

If a patient had gone in to see Kate McCann as the GP what advice to you think she would have given a patient said that they were going on holiday and planned to leave their children home alone while they had a jolly within the hotel facilities. I am sure as soon  as the patient left the room she would have called social services and rightly so.

Not to mention the question why haven’t legal charges been brought against Gerry & Kate McCann after all they should have been taken to court for neglect of their child. How often do we here for neglect charges being brought when a parent has put a child at risk? Well we have to say that there was a risk to the child in this situation.


If for example a family from a council estate had done the same thing – the country would have gone crazy but because they are middle class doctors it is accepted. Which just shows you that class still rules in England with everything always coming down to this in the end.

Since Madeleine McCann was abducted I have moved from the rainy skies of England to the beautiful Algarve and my parents are currently on holiday very close to the area of the Algarve where Madeleine McCann disappeared s0 I have extensive knowledge of the area.

I have lived in the Algarve for over two years in total (moving July 2008) and the opinion of the McCanns is very similar to myself and the general public in England. They can not understand why someone would leave their children alone and don’t see why they should get public attention three years on when children that disappeared through no fault of their parents have no public support at all.

I can understand their feelings for this, but I can also understand that if I had made the mistake I would still go to great lengths to try and find the child.

A recent report in the Daily Mail was full to bursting with comments from people that had literally had enough of all the media attention. (You can read it here) For every fan of the McCanns there would be about 100 comments against them.

The Portuguese community is all about family life – when they go out for dinner the kids come too and have a wonderful time together. The Portuguese work very long hours and the school day is much longer so any time off the whole focus is on family time. This is why the Portuguese struggle to deal with it as it is their way of life. Plus their income comes from tourism and something like this happening can have a negative effect on the trade.

As a mother that has gone on holiday many times, children don’t always behave at the table especially at the age their children were at the time of disappearance. Anyone with any thought for their children would plan for this – if they are moody you would take them for a walk in their pushchair until they are asleep and then go to the table and have them parked up at the side of you.

Plus as my husband often puts it stick a dummy in their mouth and they are a sleep even quicker. There was also the option of a nanny for guests at the hotel which some of their party actually used so why didn’t they?

My alternative which I personally used on a trip to the canary islands when our son was Madeleine’s age was to have a jolly on the balcony while our children were sleeping. Nothing stopped them from having some take out tapas and having fun in one of the apartments.

I just don’t understand why a highly educated set of parents would do this to their child and then expect England and many other countries to still provide them with sympathy three years on.

What bothers me more than anything is the fact that even now Gerry and Kate McCann still blame everyone but themselves for the abduction of Madeleine McCann when they were responsible for leaving her at risk.

Many people believe in their hearts that the McCanns had something to do with the disappearance, I personally don’t I just think for one holiday they became very bad parents that made the mistake of leaving their kids enough times for someone to realise they had an abduction opportunity and they will regret what they did for the rest of their lives. They have to live with their mistake and in the meantime no one is any closer to finding Madeleine which is so sad.

I doubt Portugal will re-open the case because they don’t have the funds and appealing to the England government really wont do any good. The public would have much more sympathy if they hadn’t been left alone and would probably donate more but when it comes across that Gerry & Kate McCann aren’t personally adding to the fund  (are they selling their house to fund it?) can you blame the British Public?

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