M is for Munching on Healthy Foods While Working

"M is for Munching on Healthy Foods While Working"Sometimes as a work at home professional, you may tent to put your dietary needs to the side. You are more focused on your family’s and your client’s needs instead. Therefore, you probably do not give your snack choices much thought. This can be disastrous to your waistline and your health. Chips, sugary sodas, candy, leftover pizza, and other high fat, carbs, and sodium may taste great in the middle of a stressful day, but they are contributing to you fatigue. After all, the word fat is in fatigue for a reason. However, munching on healthy foods while working is a great way to combat that exhausted feeling at about noon. Below are some of the best healthy snack foods you can eat while working.

Healthy Snacks that will Boost Your Energy and Productivity

Baby Carrots – These are great snacks that are quick to grab. You can keep some in a bowl on your desk. Carrots are full of vitamins and minerals. Also, they are low fat and will satisfy the craving for a crunchy treat.

Grapes – These are another fast to grab snack. Grapes have a natural detoxing effect on the body. Also, they are a great source of energy and sweet snack. Try them frozen next time in place of ice cream.

Avocado – This little superfood is packed full of nutrients. Mash it to make a dip and eat it with some vegetable chips. You will get the chips and dip you crave, but without the guilt.

Dark Chocolate – This is a bonus for all you work at home moms that are chocoholics. However, it must still be consumes in moderation. One great chocolate snack it to melt dark chocolate and dip fat free pretzel sticks into it. This will give you all three food cravings in a healthy way: sweet, salty, and crunchy.

Nuts and Seeds– Unsalted nuts are the perfect snack to boot your energy levels. They will help you get through the day with plenty of pep so you can be truly productive. Almonds, in particular are the best.

Dried Fruits – These are a better option if you are craving something sweet and chewy instead of a sugar filled, processed taffy style candy. Dried fruits also provide fiber and vitamins.

Hummus and Other Bean Dips – Beans are full of energy boosting nutrition as well as fiber and protein. Bean dips can be made from any bean of your choice, like hummus that is made from chickpeas.

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