Like Many Women I Have To Nag My Man To Do Anything

There’s nothing I hate more than having to nag at my man to get him to help out. I can’t stand it! I know I am not alone in this, but that doesn’t make it any easier. It gets old. Don’t they see how much we do for them? Why can’t it be an automatic thing for them to think that they should return the favor without having to be asked to do it? In order to get, you should give, right? He’s got to know that he should be doing something, why do I have to keep hounding him about stuff?

Like taking out the trash. That should be a known thing, that the man of the house should be doing that. It’s gross. They should do all the gross things. Matter of fact, they should be the ones to clean the toilets too since they like to get them so funky. Why is it that they won’t go near it except to use it? I hate having to ask him over and over to put down that toilet seat!

How hard can it be for them? They don’t have to do all that much really, so why is it so frustrating to get them to help? To change a light bulb here or there, or to pick up his own dirty socks….I feel like a constant witch, though I don’t think I’m asking too much out of him. I do all the cooking, and the cleaning, the grocery shopping, and driving the kids around… He tells me all the time that I’m nagging, but all I’m doing is asking him again and again to do something simple.

"i have to nag my man to do anything"

Sure, he gets to do the heavy stuff, but he’s stronger, it’s just a matter of logic to me. And he knows about the cars, so it makes sense that he should get the oil changed in it. How come I’m a nag when it’s just him forgetting to do it the first, second, or third time I’ve asked him? I feel like I just have a grown child?

I know you other ladies out there have to know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t call him an idiot just because he forgets constantly, well, not to his face anyways. If I’m a nag, so be it, because he’s not going to just get off scotch free doing nothing around here.

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