L is for Looking Back on Past Business Mistakes

"L is for Looking Back on Past Business Mistakes"Every work at home professional must spend time looking back on past business mistakes in order to avoid them again in the future. You are not Superwoman, even if you feel like you are. Therefore, you will make mistakes; it is only natural. The key is to go back over them and understand where and why you went wrong. There is no cause to beat yourself up about the mistakes either. Even multibillionaires like Donald Trump have made mistakes that sent him into bankruptcy. The difference is, he analyzed them and learned from them. This is exactly how you should treat your mistakes, as learning tools for the future.

Some work at home mothers can feel defeated when they make a mistake on a contract or fail on a contract. However, missing something the client wanted or finishing late is very easy to happen. It takes a lot of organization to keep all your clients in order and the various deadlines straight. You may even want to double organize these things, such as creating a spreadsheet and mark thing on a calendar. The calendar can be electronic with reminders set or a standard print one where you fill it in by hand. Either one will work, you just have to decide which is best suites your needs.

Also, keep a log of the different mistakes you have make as a kind of personal cheat sheet for thing to remember to check. For example, if you forgot to include a Power Point presentation in a budget report for one client, mark this down as:

Client X – Check for Power Point inclusion

This can save you from feeling like you have not done your best or you have failed your client. Keeping detailed notes and information on each client can prove very helpful. However, in some cases, you may just have a tough client that is hard to please. This is also something to note, such as:

Client Y – Difficult, read work requirement completely before accepting a contract

Whether you made the mistake or have a fussy client, you can always learn how to improve your skills from these occurrences. Never beat yourself up or allow yourself to feel failure. Work at home mothers are only human and will naturally miss something once in a while. Just stay extremely organized and focused on the details and you will turn every mistake into an opportunity to learn.

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