Joys Of A Working Mum

This piece of writing will be about the joys of being a working mum and how fulfilling it can be difficult because there is a general misconception that the term ‘working mum’ comes with shunned responsibilities and attached guilt. This is definitely not going to be about that. This will be about the utter elation of being a mother and to be working and running a household at the same time. Some mothers might be able to relate to the joy that a working mother feels while others might get to understand why they should take joy in their work instead of drowning in guilt.

While no one can argue with the people who say that raising the children is a full time job in itself. It is especially hard for mothers who were working earlier but left for their kid’s sake. It all comes down to the mother, doesn’t it? A satisfied mother will raise good children but if the mum feels she has no time for herself then she cannot devote time for kids too. While it does seem logical itself, it is backed up by research, which states that women who are working are reported of having less symptoms of depression, and their overall well-being is better than those women who are staying at home. Once you think about it, it is all about the perception of these women.

In today’s economic crisis, these women may feel that their employment is a source of income which insures that their children will be well taken care of, physically and emotionally. These mums are still as involved if not more, in the lives of their children, interacting with the teachers and the parents of their children’s friends. Actually, working mums provide more opportunities to their children to learn and gain the benefit from. Obviously, part time working mums are at the top of the chain here because they contribute financially to the family as well as spend plenty of time caring for the children’s mental well-being.

"joys of a working mum"

So, if you happen to be a working mom, stop feeling blue. Not only you are helping yourself from spiralling down a dark vortex which will result in your questioning your life choices, but you’re being an excellent example for your children in showing them that you’re managing the both worlds; as a strong working woman braving the world and a soft caring mum who bakes them cookies and plays with them at home.

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