It’s True – Women Work More Per Day Than Men Have Ever Done

I just want to clarify that this blog post has no intention of being a sexist. I write this as a way of appreciating all working mothers out there who do their best to do manage both careers and family.

Personally, I believe that women do work more than men every day. Say in situation, I start my day as early as five in the morning because I have to prepare breakfast for my son and my husband. Then, I fix the house and do the chores. Before noon, of course I have to prepare our lunch although in some occasion my husband does because he is a chef. But then, I am his best assistant. So, when all things are in order, I then start working on my computer.

"busy mom"Well, you know that working at home can mean that there might be guests coming over or lots of telephone calls to answer. I mean, there are more chores other than just doing your work, unlike men or our husbands who spend most of the day in front of their desks or just doing their jobs. By merely looking and analyzing these scenarios, anyone can conclude that indeed women work longer than men.

But you see, I don’t want to give you all these inputs without anything to back me up. Based on the study conducted in 2007, women work 10 minutes more than men each day. In the research, women have a total of 428 minutes working while men have 418 minutes. In this figures women perform an average of around four hours of unpaid work and around three hours of paid labor. I am sure that the four hours of unpaid labor includes doing the household chores. Meanwhile, men have an average of four and a half hours of paid work and two hours of unpaid work.  These results are almost four years ago, and things have changed so much since then. Many women these days are working fulltime and yet they still do most of the errands at home.

I think it will not hurt our husbands and fathers if I say that women do work more than men. So, I guess every woman deserves a break once in a while.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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