Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy

"Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy"I just came across a petition for Nickelodeon to stop all their junk food ads. I have a major problem with that because I think it’s really up to the parent on what they feed their kids. A person can see junk food ads on TV, but isn’t the parent ultimately responsible for feeding it to them. It’s important that parents know what to feed their kids and how to teach their kids to make healthy eating choices. Work at home mums and moms have an advantage because most of the time their kids are home with them. It may be a challenge to get your kids to eat healthy, but it is possible.

Stop Buying the Junk Food

Every parent has this thing where they buy the junk food, feed it to their kids and then get mad when it’s all their kids ask for. I mean if you had a choice between junk food and celery, which one would you pick. Sugar can be like a drug and it has a lot of say over how we look and feel. Sugar is okay in limited quantities, but that’s not all you have to buy your kids to eat. If you want your kids to stop eating junk food, then the simple solution is to stop buying it for them to eat.

Let Your Kids Choose Healthy Foods

Involve your kids in the healthy eating process. When you just slam a few pieces of chicken and broccoli on their plate, every once in a while, then the kids are not going to get an appreciation for healthy eating. Let your kids have some say so in what they eat that is healthy. Kids love having options. Ask them if they would like a turkey sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich. Let them have a choice, so they can see that healthy eating is not boring and a disciplinary thing.

Change Your Eating Habits

It’s easy to want your kids to eat healthy, but have you watched what you’ve been shoveling in your mouth lately? I know that sounds harsh, but kids see you eat and then they mimic it. I am always telling my husband to watch what he is eating because his kid is watching him. The more your kids see you eat something, then the more they will want to eat of it too.

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