Forget the Gym – Save Money and Lose Pounds the Mummy Way

For some of us losing weight is something that is easy although many people find it difficult to do. It is no wonder why many of them invest their money to enrol on a weight loss program.

Usually when you are at the gym, you would have to spend up an hour doing biking exercise or an hour and ten minutes in lifting weights in order to sweat off. Or you can also do an hour of ballroom dancing or half an hour of football as an alternative.

Today, research shows that mopping is a better way to burn calories. Pushing a mop across the floor and wringing it out in a bucket for at least an hour is a great calorie eliminator which is equivalent to a chocolate bar or two small glasses of wine.

"mopping"The studies begin when many customers called up the cleaning-product firm Vileda to report an important incident, believing that their cleaning routine is keeping them physically fit, and in some cases, lose weight. This prompts the company scientists to establish the number of calories burned during the average mop session. Then, it was found out that about 238 calories are burned out for an hour of mopping.

What an impressive calorie burning exercise it is! Though it might not sound very exciting, at least you are able to save money in just buying a mop and a bucket. No need to go to the gym and invest a handful of money doing the exercise. Besides, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

I could personally testify that this type of exercise is very effective. As a full time working mum who spends my whole day working at home, mopping the floor is part of my morning routine. It becomes an important part of my healthy lifestyle and helps me to significantly reduce my weight while saving a lot of money at the same time.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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