Food For My Cat – An Honest Review

I have to say, I am not a big cat lover, more of a dog person myself, but I was absolutely horrified by the news recently of what actually goes into tinned processed cat food. It is unbelievable that some of these big household names can put such rubbish in this food which will actually poison cats.

If you haven’t seen the stories, it seems that to keep costs down these big companies are not only putting in the very worst remains of an animal, (think sausages but 100x worse) but also other horrible substances just to bulk things up a little. This whole process is really under regulated and this means that these companies are getting away with murder. I couldn’t believe that some big household name cat food manufacturers are involved in this and as many of my friends and family absolutely love cats I had to tell them about all of this so that they could at least do something about it with their own pets.

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When I began looking for information to give them I kept coming across an ebook that basically described this problem in layman’s terms and more importantly, came up with a solution. The name of the ebook is and I have to say it really is brilliant.

The ebook really had me spellbound so I can just imagine what it will do for you if you have a cat as a pet. It explains that this processed cat food is actually poisoning your cat to such an extent that the life span will be greatly reduced and there could well be many health problems throughout the life of the cat. I suppose it makes sense really in that you are what you eat and I never really gave much thought to the fact that this phrase applies just as much to the animal kingdom as it does to humans.

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When I recommended this ebook to my friends they were even more horrified than me but one of them had also seen the news and had started to implement some of the advice that was also given in the ebook and she had noticed something amazing had happened. She had started to give her cat a more natural diet and she said the difference in the cat had changed remarkably. The cat had a skin problem which had completely cleared up and a stomach problem which was now so much better. There was also the added benefit in a massive reduction in vets bills.

Well, this got me even more interested so I went back to the ebook and was amazed by some of the cat food recipes that are detailed in an easy to read way. Each recipe has a fabulous name such as ‘chicken ala kitty king’ and ‘kitty casserole’ and although those names bring a smile to your face it doesn’t disguise the deadly serious message that is portrayed throughout the the ebook. That is, either change the diet of your cat as soon as possible or be prepared for is to have a reduced lifespan and a series of illnesses throughout its life.

"Food For My Cat"

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When my friend told me that she has been really saving on vets bills it made me realise what an absolute bargain this ebook is. At only $17 you can really change the life of your beloved cat for the better and when you consider how much an average vets bill it really does look like the book is an ideal investment, and with a full money back guarantee if you don’t like it you can’t really go far wrong.

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