F is for Finalizing a Contract before Starting a Project

"F is for Finalizing a Contract before Starting a Project"One of the most important things a work at home mom can do is check every detail of the contract before finalizing it and starting the work. You will save yourself a lot of problems if you make this a regular habit. There have been many women left with no recourse after completing a project and the other party did not pay. You will not only be out the money promised, but out the time and effort you spent on it, which could have been used on another legitimate project. So you yourself a favor and continue to read on for some helpful hint to make contract finalizing second nature.

Make a Copy and Pull Out the Highlighters

When viewing a contract online, there may be a lot of information. This can make it very easy to miss something, such as formatting on a writing job or a deadline on a portion of the work. If possible, always print out the assignment/contract details and actually highlight every to-do and/or not-to-do point. Then go back over it to be sure you fully understand the scope of the work, the time frame, and the pay.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

As much competition there is in the Work at Home industry, you may find yourself agreeing to anything from your clients. Well, this can lead to you feeling like you are doing work for free or not getting that you think your skills are worth. Every contract is usually negotiable until it is finalized. There is always an unmentioned dance with contracts in general. The client put up the lowest offer possible and many times the work at home contractor will counter with a very high amount. Then, like magic, a comfortable middle ground is reached where everyone is pleased. You just have to ask if there is something wrong with the price or certain duties you do not exactly agree with. After all, the client can only say yes or no. Then it is up to you if you continue and finalize it.

Always remember, you are in control of the projects you take on as a work from home mom. You can accept or turn down anything you wish. Therefore, look over the contract and make sure you agree with it as far as the pay, deadlines, and the work. Also, if there is something you have a question about; ask right away, don’t hesitate.

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