E is for Energizing Yourself Through Exercise and Events While Working at Home

"E is for Energizing Yourself Through Exercise and Events While Working at Home"Working at home comes with one big built-in problem. That is being at home where you are comfortable. This means it is a lot easier to feel tired or lazy on some days and as you are well aware, this can bring a halt to your whole day. Luckily, there are a couple of things you can do at home, that may not necessarily be done in a normal office or workplace setting. These easy to follow tips and tricks will help you with energizing yourself through exercise and events while working at home.

Stretch It Out, Before You Fall Out

If you are having one of those days, where you feel like you are literally going to fall out of your chair, get up and stretch. Stand up and walk across the room then turn around and come back to your work area. Now, drop your arms to your side and shake them lose. Stretch your neck by slowly looking down at your feet them up at the ceiling. Then, slowly look to the left and the right. Now, reach your arms in the air above your head and bend towards the floor at your waist. If you can, stretch all the way down and touch the floor. Repeat these stretches several times.

Break or Get Out

On days when you just really have zero energy, try to take several small five to ten minute breaks. Walk to the kitchen for a cold glass of water, walk outside for some fresh air, or even walk one time around the block. Anything to break the monotony and to get the blood flowing. However, if this does not work, get out of the house for a bit; change your scenery. One place you can go is a local coffee shop, and if your work is portable, try and do it there on your laptop. The added stimulus from the sights, smells, and sounds will help.

All work at home moms are going to burn out at some point in time, it is just the nature of the job. You are the ringmaster handling everything in your household. It is alright if you need to take a break and re-energize some days, you deserve it. Also, sense you do work at home no one will talk about you while you are doing your stretches next to your desk or walking around the office.

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