Do You Give Your Children Enough Praise?

As a mother, I always want my son to grow as a responsible and confident person. I want him to be himself and excel on the things that he really enjoys doing. In order to help him become a good person, I praise him whenever he does good things. I believe that giving our children some positive praises on the things that he does well can boost his confidence.

Here are some of the instances when I praise my son:

  • I always give him give comment every time he does something good or he shows a positive behaviour.
  • When he shows some improvements like he scored high in his tests, I also give him commendation.
  • Everytime he does something, say a new skill that he wants to develop, I praise him and encourage him to keep on trying until he perfects it.

I give my child positive comments because I know he exerts effort to something good. I acknowledge almost everything he does so if it’s something good, I praise him and if it’s the opposite, I correct him. Whenever, I give him positive comments, I make sure that I appreciate his effort and not the result of his actions. This is to give him idea that even if he fails on something, he will work harder and not to give up easily.

"praise your child"

Our children imitate our action and even the way we speak, so if we want our child to exhibit good attitudes then we should set examples to them. We should also choose the words we say because children may take them negatively so instead of producing a positive result, our praise can lead to a negative stimulus to our children.

The key to make our praise a positive reinforcement is to acknowledge the effort or the worked done by our children. We must give our affirmative comments on both little and big things that our children do.

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