Dealing with Technology Breakdowns

"Dealing with Technology Breakdowns"It has happened to all of us. We hop on the computer for the day and we notice the computer took a crash. What happens to all the hard work you just put into your job and all the documents you have saved? Well, I am no computer genius but I know that you are in big trouble when your computer does crash. Here are some tips to help you in a crisis

Keep a Backup Computer

One of the smartest things I have ever done is having more than one computer while working at home. In fact, at one point I had three different computers. I never thought they would all come in handy, but they did and I was excited. One of my computers broke down this fall and I was able to switch it over. Then one of my monitors broke down and I was able to use the extra. It just is wise to be prepared in all circumstances.

When the Power Goes Out

Sometimes the electricity goes out and there is nothing you can do about it. A while ago I came home from the beach and all my power was out. I had planned on working that night too. Little did I know that my power was going to be out? I’m glad that I had worked earlier that day though because I was prepared for that night. I think it’s important to stay organized because otherwise you may put yourself in a bind. If you have someone that can watch your kids, then it may benefit you to go to a local café or to McDonalds to work a bit. At least keep your clients in the light, so that they are not in the dark.

Go with the Flow

One of the natural things for people to do is panic whenever something happens. The best thing I have learned is to keep calm and work on. Keeping calm means that you are able to deal with the situations without added adversity. The more chaos you bring to the table, then the more issues you will have later. Your best bet is to go with the flow and try to deal with the emergencies as they arise.

Dealing with emergencies and technological breakdowns is no fun, but they happen to everyone. All you can do is be as prepared as possible when the issues do occur. 

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