Cutting Down On TV Time – Have You Made Your Stand?

You will probably agree with me that cutting down on TV time is one of the hardest habits to eliminate. In fact, even your kids will protest if you try to impose a strict rule and schedule in watching television. Some parents do not bother about this issue but I personally believe that watching television can do more harm than good to our kids.

I would like to reiterate some of the pros and cons of too much TV watching based on my personal views.

Enhance Learning – If you scan the television shows that your children watch, I believe that educational shows can really help develop the cognitive learning of our children. Just like what I do to my son, I only allow him to watch shows that helps him read, count and sing. In fact, I even buy him some Disney DVDs because I know that these Disney movies teach children good values.

Pacify Children – I have been a mother to a wonderful and active boy so I know how television can help me in pacifying him whenever he gets unruly or moody. I have noticed that my son and his friends keep quiet and stay in their places whenever they watch a good show.

But despite these benefits, too much TV watching can lead to some serious consequences to our children, especially if we just let them whatever channel or show they want.

Violence – I think this is something pretty obvious especially that most shows and movies these days expose some disturbing scenes about drugs, killings and sex. Of course, I know that these shows aim to depict the real social issues but our children even my seven year old son is still young to understand the moral behind these movies and TV shows.

Obesity – I know many will agree that allowing our children to watch TV can lead to obesity. One main reason is the lack of time to play outside and just become couch potatoes. What makes this worse is the fact that some parents allow their children to eat chips and other unhealthy treats while watching.

Lack of social interaction – Children who spend most of their time in front of the television do not have enough time to play and socialize with other kids in parks and playground. This will have a serious effect on their social skills as they grow up.

"watching TV"

I believe that there is nothing wrong with watching TV. What should concern us are the shows, the language and the number of hours we allow our children to stay in front of the television.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoy our work from home moms blog.

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