Virtual Mastermind Group – An Honest Review

Many of us owe certain things to certain people.  In my case, it was stumbling upon Napoleon Hill at a crossroads in my life – in my late twenties.  His wisdom and council helped to put me on the right path.  Did I become rich?  No, but that is not what I was seeking in life at that time!  We all have different measures of success and I achieved mine by loving what I did and being really happy!  The money actually came later, not out of a conscious desire to have it, but because it just flowed from my actions in life, actions that I learnt from Hill.

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Forget the Gym – Save Money and Lose Pounds the Mummy Way

For some of us losing weight is something that is easy although many people find it difficult to do. It is no wonder why many of them invest their money to enrol on a weight loss program.

Usually when you are at the gym, you would have to spend up an hour doing biking exercise or an hour and ten minutes in lifting weights in order to sweat off. Or you can also do an hour of ballroom dancing or half an hour of football as an alternative.

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Fear Of Being Alone Review

I have to be honest here and tell you that I had never even heard of monophobia before and as for the fear of being alone, I thought that most people had fears like that at one time or another in their lives. It was not until I read an ebook on the subject that I began to realize that for many people, the fear of being alone is something very serious indeed.

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Orchid Basics Review

I have always been a big flower lover and if you could see my house you would be surprised how many plants and flowers I have around the place. I love them all but my heart melts when I see an orchid. I’m sure you will agree when I say that they are absolutely beautiful and I always think of them as being special.

To be honest, the thought of actually growing an orchid has never even crossed my mind as I assumed that you needed to be something of an expert as well requiring a wide range of specialist equipment but it turns out that I couldn’t really be more wrong.

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Spring Is Here – Back To The Park With My Son

Finally, it’s spring and I will surely have the best time with my son. I love spring not only that I enjoy the great scenery and the sun but I also have the chance to really spend quality time with my son.

In this season, my son and I spend most of the day at the park. I let him play and explore his surroundings while I watch over him. I like seeing him having fun playing with other children in the park. I just let him be himself so he can de-stress himself from all those pressure he had during the school days.

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American Culture Dinner Talk Journal Review

You don’t have to tell me how lucky I am to be able to live the life that I am living, you all know how I make a living and this fantastic lifestyle allows me to spend lots of quality time with my family. We just about always sit down and eat together and we can often be found still sitting at the dining table several hours after the meal, talking and joking with each other.

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The Art of Juggling Work and Mummy Duties

I may not be working in a typical office where I have to work from 9 o’clock in the morning until six in the evening but I know how it is to juggle multiple tasks in a daily basis. I work as a fulltime mother to my seven-year old son, wife to my husband and the overall in-charge of my various online businesses. I get tired too, just like any other mothers out there working in a 9 to 6 job. But unlike some of them, I am happy and still have plenty of time to spend playing with my son and chatting with my husband.

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