Can A Man Take Over The Women’s Duties So We Can Be Working Mums?

In this day and age, gender roles are quickly disintegrating. It is now very common for women and men to fill traditional gender roles that were solely believed to belong to the opposite gender by previous generations.

This is partially due to economics: families need more money to live the kinds of lives that they feel they deserve. This has resulted in dual-income households. Of course with more children being born out of wedlock and divorces becoming more commonplace men and women both need to work to support the children they make.

In these cases, though, men have traditionally been the “breadwinner,” with women taking smaller secondary, part-time, or weekend jobs to help fill in the gaps of the budget if necessary.

Traditional families, though, can take advantage of the changing times by men and women trading traditional gender roles. In fact, this is becoming more and more common, with men coming home to do the child-rearing and the home maintenance and women heading out into the work force.

It is perfectly acceptable, these days, for couples to choose to do this, especially since the work force is so diverse. It is becoming more common to find men at home with the kids or taking part time jobs to augment the base income that their wife earns from her career.

There really only two issues with women working and their husbands staying home. First of all, although their seems to be equality in terms of acceptance, women still seem to earn less than men do in the same roles.

"we can do it"

This is not because women are generally less qualified or less capable, but that just seems to be the case and it can effect a couple’s decision to send the woman out in search of a career. Secondly, women bear children, which means that if a couple chooses to have a baby, a working woman will need to take time off to properly care for the child.

Maternity leave is one of the biggest obstacles in terms of women in the workplace. Some employers offer it as part of their benefits package, but it is not offered to men equally, and some people feel that could be unfair.

This doesn’t mean that women should not be able to work in the same places that men do, but it is one of the more sensitive issues that causes problems in regards to women in the workplace.

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