B is for Battling Others for Competition in the Work at Home Scene

"B is for Battling Others for Competition in the Work at Home Scene"You are well aware of the competition in the work at home industry for mothers. You put in your bid and/or your application as soon as a new position is available. Yet, you are once again passed over for the job. As a mother, you want to be home to raise your children, but you also need a paycheck to come in; what should you do? You have weighed your options and none of them are pleasing. One, you can go back to an out of the home job and put your children in daycare or two, try and figure out what else to cut from your budget. However, there is a third and better option; make yourself stand out from your competition.

There are thing you can do in order to stand out from your competition. You can hire a professional resume writer to come up with an eye-catching resume and cover letter. If you are confident, you can do this yourself, even better. If you do it yourself, be sure to arrange the exact skills they are looking for near the top. Also, do not be afraid to use bold colors in your resume, such as for your name and each section.

Another tip to stand out when battling others for competition in the work at home scene is to have a website with your skills, background, images, and work samples, if applicable. This will give potential clients a sense of who you are and what you can accomplish for them. Also, if you have received any certificates, awards, or any other recognition for your work such as positive reviews, be sure to post those as well.

Don’t be afraid to use the word expert on your resume and/or your website. Many clients are looking to hire on those with the most knowledge of the job and seeing expert will catch their eye. Your competition is going to have the same skills you do and possibly more experience. However, if their resume just lists their skills and the years of experience, but yours lists that you are an expert, the client will more likely lean in your favor.

If you are thinking about giving up on having it, all by working at home and being there for your children, don’t. You may simply need to wave a proverbial red cloth in the faces of your potential clients. Take the attention away from everyone else and focus it on your skill and talents.

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