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I have mentioned before on my blog the educational products that are on offer at the website and how impressed I am with the quality of everything that is related to it so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when I found out about another one of their products, Picture Dictionary.

I would recommend visiting the website at your earliest convenience so that you can get a feel of the quality and it has to be said that Picture Dictionary really is top notch in every possible description. It centres around the Stofun family and they do a great job of teaching every aspect of grammar in the most brilliant way.

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If you are not familiar with the website you will probably think that I am slightly losing my mind but rest assured, I’m still on the ball! The Stofun family that I am talking about are a group of cartoon characters who have been cleverly assembled by the experts over at who literally take a child by the hand and teach them the different aspects of English in a way that I could have only dreamt about when I was a child.

I have heard recently of so many children who are really struggling when it comes to learning about the different aspects of grammar and for all of those children and also for all of the other children who are not finding it to be as much as a struggle, Picture Dictionary will really be a Godsend.

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"Stufun Picture Dictionary"Something that really does stand out when you really start to get into Picture Dictionary is the extraordinary attention to detail that has really gone into every aspect of it. It really is noticeable and there are many occasions throughout Picture Dictionary where the people at could have got away with doing far less and nobody would have even noticed.

It is the extra lengths that they have obviously gone to which have made all the difference and to me a product like this really does stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Then we get to the price, when I first read what the Picture Dictionary included I was fully expecting a price point of around $97 and what’s more, I would have happily have paid it. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the price was $27. Absolutely unbelievable and when you add all of the benefits of Picture Dictionary to that amazing price it really has to go down as something that you should really seriously consider for the benefits of your children.

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When you speak to people who already have the product you will discover, without exception, that they cannot believe how much their children absolutely love it. They believe that they are playing, not learning, and as such they make far quicker progress and take things in far more readily than if they were being forced to do something that they were not all that keen on.

If you carry out a little research (easy with Google) you will see that many experts in the field of children’s education will agree that if learning is fun, the progress that a child will make will be nothing short of amazing. Just imagine how much money these kind of benefits would cost if you went elsewhere. Take a look in your local area to see how much a private tutor would charge for an hour of their time to teach your child grammar. I don’t think that I really need to say more, do I?

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