An Honest Review Stufun Grammar – Perfect For Your Children

I can’t begin to tell you of the time I have spent looking for ways to make my sons education more enjoyable and more effective for him. I am trying to think ahead so that when he tackles new subjects at school I will be able to offer him help if he needs it but I have got to say that my searches have proved to be pretty unsuccessful until recently.

My biggest frustration was usually that there was nothing specifically created for younger children who are just starting to learn different aspects of grammar. Well, I tell a lie because there is plenty of information out there but they all seem to teach grammar in the traditional way and I was definitely looking for something that was a little more entertaining.

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I can remember my school days well and how boring some of the subjects were, many of my lessons regarding grammar were spent looking out of the window and daydreaming.

I had more or less given up and had come to the conclusion that perhaps the only way to learn this subject was through the traditional methods and children nowadays just had to grin and bear it.

Imagine my delight when I cam across the website, At first I thought it was to good to be true but on further investigation I realised it was just what I was looking for and to sweeten things even more there is a course on there on the subject of learning grammar.

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There is loads of information on the website including quite a few free examples and when I took a closer look at those it didn’t take me long to realise that this really was quality content and I had no hesitation making a purchase for the benefit of my son.

The basic idea of everything is that the course is centred around 8 cartoon like characters by the names of miss kitty, teddy, king, petu, mrs cow, bowbow, piggy and uncle peng and these characters interact with the child by making it seem like they are having fun and playing rather than learning.

When I was carrying out my research into the many learning methods that are out there it soon became clear that many of the experts agree on one thing, that if learning can be made enjoyable it will be far more effective and the child who is learning in this way will learn at a far more quicker pace than by other methods.

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With the help of miss kitty, teddy, king, petu, mrs cow, bowbow, piggy and uncle peng the grammar course certainly achieves that and to be honest, I really have not seen anything else like it.

I really do have to mention the price, at $17 I really think the people at are selling themselves short because I can tell you now that many of the other books, not courses, that I looked at were far more expensive than that.

The package is downloadable so I suppose that keeps prices down somewhat but I, like many other people that I know, would much prefer that kind of format anyway. It basically means that you can make the order and get cracking with it more or less straight away.


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I challenge you to go to the website and not be impressed by what is on offer. You really get the impression that the experts at really do want to make a difference with their learning materials and I really believe that they are achieving this and will continue to do so with any future products.

You can find out all about it here and also view their other products

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