It is a common assumption by so many people that when they see someone that is successful they automatically think that this person is either lucky or that they have always had everything go their own way without any setbacks at all.

What these people don’t realise is that this is very rarely the case and the reason that people are succesful is the way that they handle their setbacks. Due to the very nature of someone who is trying to achieve their goals, they more than likely receive more set backs than the average person but instead of making them give up, it simply makes them stronger.

If this is something that interests you it would be highly advisable to take a look at a fantastic ebook which has been written by Mark Laverdiere. It would be fair to say that Mark’s ebook, ‘A fighter Pilot’s story’ it not what you would usually expect from an ebook because it is all about how Mark basically overcame many obstacles to become one of America’s top pilots and it really doesn’t matter if you have an interest in this type of subject or not, because the whole thing is incredibly motivating and it will prove to you exactly what can be achieved if you simply set your mind to it.

Mark’s story covers his dream of becoming a fighter pilot and if you do know anything about this subject you will be only to well aware of what a massive task this can be. Mark describes how he always wanted to be a fighter pilot but he was shocked when he realised that becoming a fighter pilot is the dream of so many people and only a very small percentage actually make it past the initial interview, never mind the rigorous entrance tests as well as the medical examinations that would push anyone to their absolute limits.

Mark found to his own cost how rigorous these medical examinations were and it looked for a long time that he would not be able to achieve his goals, but after licking his wounds for a short time he soon came back with another idea which meant that he could approach his aim of becoming a fighter pilot from a completely different angle.

The lessons that Mark has learnt throughout his life can be applied to anyone else in any other walk of life and even though he makes it quite clear that he is not telling anyone else how to live their life, it would not be an exaggeration to say that anyone who reads ‘A fighter Pilot’s story’ will get so much from it, and will be able to apply it to their own life and be in a far better position to get over the knock backs that they will undoubtedly experience along the way.

Needless to say, Mark Laverdiere did in fact become a fighter pilot and enjoyed a fantastic career which although tested him to the very limit, saw him come through with flying colours to such an extent that he is now a member of the world famous Snowbird team, who perform breath taking flying formations around the country to the immense delight of everyone who is fortunate enough to watch them.

Mark must be extremely proud of his achievements as must his family, and the very fact that he has shared his story with the general public is something that so many will be grateful for because the readers of this ebook will no doubt be already comparing Marks setbacks and achievements to those of their own and with that in mind, anything really is possible.

‘A fighter Pilot’s story’ is extremely well written and very easy to read with most people saying that they read it in one sitting. That is surely the sign of a great book and the brilliant thing about ‘A fighter Pilot’s story is that as well as being a fascinating story, it is also something that can be dipped into every now and again should the reader require just a little bit of inspiration.

As you would fully expect from someone like Mark who is now coming to the end of his career, he is already looking for new challenges and it looks like his online business dreams will also reach the same high standards of his flying career, there will no doubt be setbacks along the way but as always, Mark will meet these challenges head on and undoubtedly succeed to the very highest of levels.

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