5 Lessons I Have Learnt From My Parents

Okay, if I had to pick 5 different things my parents taught me….I’d have to say 1) that change is good 2) to respect your elders 3) to be open minded 4) treat others how you would want to be treated and 5) that God loves me no matter what.

Change is good to me; I welcome it, encourage it, and love experiencing new things in life. I think that because of this though, I can get bored. I’m always looking for something new. Respecting my elders, I think everyone should learn that. They’ve been there, done that, all before we ever did. I think they have earned a certain level of respect and we need to show them that respect. This one took some time for me to learn or embrace, but I do believe it.

Being open minded is something I definitely learned from my parents. Today, life has so much to offer and I think everyone should be open to all possibilities in life and what we can gain, learn, share, or give to others. We also should not be so closed minded to people and their choices.

"mom teaching daughter"Very seldom do we know what someone else has experienced, fully, so how can we be the judge. We should be open minded to what they are telling us, that things may not be as they seem, and that all things are possible until we know otherwise. That’s what I think anyways.

It’s important to be open, leading to treating them as you want to be treated. Do you like being judged before you get a chance to share your opinion or your side of the story? I doubt it. We should always give people the benefit of the doubt, until we know otherwise. Until you are perfect, you have no right to judge anyone, or treat them any different than you want to be treated.

And of course, God loves us unconditionally. My parents did teach me that. And I have embraced it. Does that mean I’m religious? Nope. I just understand that I even though I may mess up in life, and sometimes make the wrong decision, and sometimes I can even be mean to someone before I stop myself…I think everyone makes mistakes. Well, I just know that no matter what, there’s always someone up there that is watching over and loves me still, no matter what. That’s what my parents taught me and that’s how I live.

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